• Litigation
  • Agricultural law
  • Environmental law
  • Cooperatives law
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Civil law
  • Criminal law
  • Collection of receivables
  • Construction law
  • Copyright and internet law
  • Intellectual property law

Areas of practice and range of services

Thanks to the team of lawyers at the firm with broad knowledge and many years of experience, we are able to offer comprehensive legal services in the following areas:


Judicial and administrative proceedings

The lawyers at our firm are currently conducting nearly a thousand judicial, arbitration, execution and administrative proceedings. Most of the cases we handle are civil matters, including cases before the commercial courts.

A significant portion of the cases we handle are collections cases, as well as cases seeking damages for breach of contract, division of assets, or declaratory relief concerning the existence or non-existence of a legal relationship. A large percentage of the cases we handle involve disputes between cooperatives we represent and their members.

We also conduct numerous proceedings involving employment law, unfair competition, copyright and criminal law (including economic crime), and traffic accidents.

Within this specialization, we offer our clients:

  • Quick and effective resolution of judicial disputes
  • Representation before the state courts and administrative courts at all instances, and before other bodies such as execution authorities and tax authorities
  • Out-of-court resolution of disputes using ADR methods (mediation, arbitration and negotiations)
  • Assistance at every stage of the dispute—from drafting demands for payment through enforcement of judgments
  • Participation in proceedings seeking concessions and permits.



Corporate and commercial law

Our lawyers provide corporate advice for Polish and foreign clients in connection with every area of company operations. Within this practice we offer:

  • Assistance in establishing new companies, including drafting and analysis of company statutes, articles of association and other corporate documents
  • Handling of matters connected with issues of securities
  • Handling of reorganizations of corporate entities
  • Advice on liquidation of companies and for management boards of companies entering liquidation.

As part of this specialization we also offer advice on Polish and international commercial contracts. These services include:

  • Drafting contracts securing the interests of the client and assuring compliance with applicable regulations
  • Commenting on draft contracts presented by the client, identifying potential threats to the client’s interests and advising on the optimal contractual solutions and provisions
  • Advice at the stage of contract performance and assistance in pursuing contractual claims.



Corporate reorganizations

One of the oldest fields in our practice is advising on various types of reorganizations of commercial entities. As part of this specialization, we offer:

  • Handling of procedures for reorganization of corporate forms (mergers and acquisitions), including reorganization of public companies, and procedures for creation of corporate holding structures
  • Comprehensive legal audit (due diligence) and legal advice connected with planning of commercialization, privatization and consolidation of enterprises and companies, and preparation of a complete due diligence report reflecting the legal status of the enterprise
  • Handling conversion of enterprises operated by individuals into other legal forms
  • Comprehensive handling of reorganization procedures, including preparation of the documentation, representing the client before the relevant authorities, and providing ongoing legal advice.


Examples of our experience



Criminal law and fiscal criminal law

We advise our clients on criminal law, tax crimes and minor offences, including:

  • Appearing in criminal proceedings as defence counsel in cases involving both serious and minor offences
  • Representing injured parties in cases involving serious and minor offences
  • Legal assistance in cases related to traffic accidents
  • Representing clients in fiscal criminal proceedings.



Civil law

Our services in the broad area of civil law, including family law, cover such matters as:

  • Assistance in collecting receivables, including execution proceedings in cooperation with bailiffs throughout Poland
  • Real estate transactions, including drafting and analysis of contracts and conducting negotiations
  • Partition of property (elimination of joint ownership)
  • Participation in inheritance proceedings
  • Family law cases, including divorce, separation and division of assets.



Capital markets law

Capital markets have been part of our practice from the very beginning. Over the years we have gained experienced in listing on the capital market of companies from the energy, construction, food and other industries. As part of this specialization:

  • We conduct legal audits, including audits for prospectuses
  • We provide legal support for the process of listing securities on the main market and alternative market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • We advise on the steps for companies to join the stock market and on establishment and reorganization of corporate entities
  • We assist both public and private entities operating on the capital market
  • We prepare due diligence reports in order to evaluate the legal condition of companies, ventures and assets, including real estate.

Examples of our experience



Real estate law

In the area of real estate law, we offer:

  • Assistance in buying and selling real estate and drafting conveyance contracts in cooperation with notaries
  • Assistance in clearing title to real estate
  • Legal advice for foreigners acquiring real estate in Poland
  • Analysis and advice on agreements with real estate developers, including preliminary agreements and reservation agreements
  • Evaluation of the legal status of real estate
  • Advice on agreements for sale, lease, tenancy, usufruct and finance leasing of real estate
  • Advice on construction contracts
  • Advice on establishment of encumbrances on real estate
  • Assistance in obtaining permits required for development of real estate
  • Representation in judicial and administrative proceedings related to real estate
  • Assistance in all matters concerning reprivatization of Warsaw land, particularly in relation to the “Bierut Decree” of 1945.

Examples of our experience



Environmental law

Our services in the field of environmental law include:

  • Assistance in obtaining issuance of permits and certificates under the Waste Law
  • Advice on water and sewer law
  • Advice on the right to protection against noise and radiation
  • Evaluation of compliance of business operations with standards imposed by environmental law
  • Advice on civil, criminal and administrative liability for violation of environmental standards
  • Representation of clients before all administrative agencies and courts in environmental matters.



Cooperatives law

In our services for clients involving cooperatives law, we offer:

  • Participation in sessions of the management board, supervisory board and general meeting of cooperatives and related legal support, including drafting of resolutions
  • Handling of cases of cooperatives at every level, particularly involving rights to units, construction expenditures and conversion of the right to separate ownership of units
  • Advice on preparing and conducting new investment projects by residential cooperatives
  • Assistance in all matters concerning reprivatization of Warsaw land, particularly in relation to the “Bierut Decree” of 1945.



Construction law

We offer our clients the following services in the area of construction law:

  • Opinions on construction law at every stage of development
  • Legal audit of real estate prior to acquisition for development purposes
  • Obtaining information about real estate from all public sources, such as the land and mortgage register, zoning plans and plot register
  • Assistance in partition of property into separately owned units
  • Representation before public administrative authorities with respect to issuance of building permits, construction supervision and the like
  • Legal oversight of construction and development, including organization of the construction site in compliance with applicable norms
  • Advice on establishment of new residential cooperatives, including drafting statutes and establishing cooperation with building administrators
  • Assistance in seeking damages for violation of construction law.



Public procurement law

One of the law firm’s specializations is public procurement law. In this field:

  • We advise clients in public tenders, under mandatory and optional procedures, and in tenders not covered by the Public Procurement Law
  • We advise contractors on interpretation of contract notices and terms of reference, including legal remedies available to contractors
  • We advise contracting authorities on drafting of tender documentation
  • We offer legal assistance covering not only the entire period of the procurement procedure, but also in any related litigation
  • We provide opinions on the compliance of tenders with the legal requirements, and if irregularities are found we advise on the available legal measures.

In the area of public procurement, we cooperate with specialists under contract.



Agricultural law

We are one of the few law firms in Warsaw with a practice devoted to issues of agricultural law, offering legal assistance covering more specifically:

  • Advice on conclusion of contracts for purchase of agricultural output
  • Advice on conclusion of contracts on the animal feed market
  • Advice on legal relations with animal breeders and farmers
  • Representation before state courts, administrative courts and administrative authorities, including the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, the Agricultural Property Agency and the Agricultural Market Agency
  • Interpretation and opinions concerning agricultural law, particularly in light of European Union regulations
  • Representation before the Veterinary Inspectorate
  • Assistance in acquisition, sale and conversion of agricultural property and in connection with development specifications (e.g. construction of pig farming facilities)
  • Advice on all legal issues connected with the agri-food industry, including analysis of the possibility of introducing food products onto the market
  • Training on agricultural law, particularly the law governing animal feeds.



Tax advisory

Tax law is one of the law firm’s specialties. In this area:

  • We advise clients on tax issues arising during the course of their day-to-day operations
  • We offer legal assistance in contacts with the tax authorities in actions undertaken by the tax authorities
  • We advise clients on management of tax risk
  • We advise on tax optimization
  • We prepare analyses of the tax effects of M&A transactions
  • We prepare tax documentation
  • We offer legal assistance in matters concerning tax offences.

In the area of tax law, we cooperate with specialists under contract.



Data protection law

One of the fields of specialization of the law firm is data protection law. In this area:

  • We advise clients on processing of personal data in compliance with data protection regulations
  • We prepare personal data processing documentation and agreements on outsourcing of processing of personal data
  • We register data filing systems with the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection and prepare updated notifications and applications to remove filing systems from the register
  • We offer legal assistance in matters involving violation of data protection regulations.

In the area of data protection, we cooperate with specialists under contract.



Copyright and internet law

Our services in the field of copyright law and internet law include:

  • Reviewing client materials in terms of copyright, particularly with respect to plagiarism and other infringements
  • Enforcing legal protection of copyrighted materials
  • Assistance in seeking damages for copyright infringement
  • Representation and assistance in negotiating contracts with collective rights management organizations
  • Legal support for launching new software and IT systems
  • Drafting terms and conditions for use of IT equipment
  • Legal advice on permissible personal use and whether specific measures are permissible
  • Legal assistance in the area of internet domain names, including assistance in registration of domain names as a trademark and enforcing legal protection against infringement by competitors.



Industrial property law

In the area of industrial property, as part of the broader area of intellectual property, we offer our clients:

  • Legal assistance in registration of trademarks, in cooperation with patent attorneys representing the client before the Patent Office
  • Advice on obtaining protection for industrial property rights, including priority rights
  • Legal assistance in cases involving acts of unfair competition, including preparation of demands to cease and desist
  • Representation in cases seeking damages for violation of competition law
  • Legal assistance in transactions involving industrial property rights.



Employment and social insurance law

The law firm’s practice in the area of employment and social insurance law covers both individual and collective employment law matters. Our lawyers advise clients in this area on an ongoing basis on such matters as:

  • Resolution of disputes between employer and employee, including representation of clients in disputes with employees before the relevant forum
  • Drafting internal legal and employment documentation, including employment contracts
  • Assistance in proceedings seeking damages for violations of employment law.



Construction of livestock facilities

The legal services offered by the firm for development of land involving construction of livestock facilities (e.g. for pig farming) include:

  • Participation in drawing up the business plan for the project
  • Negotiation of financing agreements
  • Advice on acquisition of the relevant real estate
  • Inventory of the acquired real estate and conducting changes in the relevant records
  • Notifications of the intention to carry out construction work
  • Obtaining construction conditions and building permits
  • Obtaining required environmental decisions
  • Preparation of contracts for construction work and for delivery and fit-out of livestock buildings
  • Preparation of contracts for water, sewer, electrical and heat installations
  • Preparation of contracts for supply of animal feed
  • Preparation of contracts for supply of gas
  • Preparation of contracts for supply of electrical generators
  • Preparation of contracts for supply of medicines and veterinary care
  • Preparation of contracts for tenancy of agricultural land
  • Preparation of contracts purchase and sale of sows, hogs and piglets
  • Preparation of contracts for accounting services
  • Registration of REGON statistical numbers
  • Registration of the location of the livestock
  • VAT registration



Collection of receivables

The lawyers at our firm pursue measures for clients to obtain payment of receivables from debtors.

In the area of amicable collections, our services include:

  • Drafting and issuing demands for payment
  • Assistance in conducting negotiations
  • Drafting settlement agreements
  • Advice on determining the possibilities for payment satisfactory to both parties.

Our services in the area of judicial collections include:

  • Obtaining information about the debtor from public registers (e.g. the National Court Register and the Central Registration and Information on Business )
  • Full representation at all instances in proceedings for order of payment, summary proceedings and electronic summary proceedings
  • Drafting of statements of claim and all other pleadings and court papers
  • Obtaining a judgment or order for payment, applying for an enforcement clause, and attaching the debtor’s assets.

With respect to execution by bailiffs, we offer:

  • Cooperation with bailiffs throughout Poland
  • Representation of clients before bailiffs
  • Ongoing monitoring of the course of execution
  • Assistance in identifying the debtor’s assets against which execution may be conducted.



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