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Establishment and development of the firm

The Prokurent law firm was established in 1989 in Warsaw. The founders, who developed and strengthened the firm’s position over a number of years, were Marta Kmieciak (legal adviser and advocate, former judge of the Supreme Court of Poland and lower courts, specialist in the law of finance and capital markets) and Grzegorz Choina (legal adviser and advocate, for many years a state court judge, specializing in commercial law and securities law).

Initially the firm operated as an ordinary partnership under the name Kancelaria Prawnicza “Prokurent.” From January 2007 it operated as a commercial partnership, and currently it is a professional partnership under the full name Makuliński Moczydłowski Rostafiński Włodawiec Kancelaria Radców Prawnych i Adwokatów Prokurent Sp.p.



Initially the firm specialized in matters involving securities law and real estate law. Over the years, the firm has successively built up its team and expanded its range of services to meet the needs of its clients and the rapidly evolving legal services market. We now advise clients in nearly every field of law, including niche areas such as agricultural law and cooperatives law.


Our team

The team at the firm is made up of lawyers who thanks to their extensive knowledge and many years of experience can provide comprehensive legal advice for Polish and foreign clients connected with their business, reflecting their market situation and the rapidly changing business environment.

To best meet our clients’ expectations, we cooperate with trusted advisers from outside the firm’s own team—advocates, legal advisers, notaries, patent attorneys and tax advisers. In matters extending beyond legal and commercial issues, we draw on the assistance of accounting experts, auditors, economists and scholars.


Our values

Our hallmark is our individual approach to clients and the matters they have entrusted to us. We are not only lawyers, but also professional advisers who understand the client’s business.

We build long-term relationships based on experience, respect and transparency. Thanks to this approach, today—after 30 years in operation—we can be proud of the trust our clients have placed in us.


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