on the market since 1989

The Prokurent law firm was founded in 1989 in Warsaw. From the beginning we have provided professional legal assistance mainly to businesses, but also to individuals and NGOs.

The team at the firm is made up of lawyers who thanks to their extensive knowledge and many years of experience can provide comprehensive legal advice for Polish and foreign clients connected with their business, reflecting their market situation and the rapidly changing business environment.

Our hallmark is our individual approach to clients and the matters they have entrusted to us. We are not only lawyers, but also professional advisers who understand the client’s business.

We build long-term relationships based on experience, respect and transparency. Thanks to this approach, today—after 30 years in operation—we can be proud of the trust our clients have placed in us.


The Prokurent Law Firm was with clients

when in 1989 there was a change in the legal system in Poland, when the Constitution of 1997 was adopted, when Poland joined Nato and the EU. We were present when there was an international financial crisis in 2008 (after Lehman Brothers’ collapse).

A lot of good is behind us and ahead of us. You can always feel safe with Kancelaria Prokurent/ Prokurent Law Office.

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Our services

We offer our clients comprehensive advice across numerous fields of law: civil, commercial, criminal, fiscal criminal, employment, cooperatives, real estate, construction, public procurement, capital markets, agricultural, insurance, copyright, intellectual property and more. We have a wealth of experience conducting disputes before state courts and arbitration courts, as well as settlement, bankruptcy, administrative, execution and collections proceedings. We serve clients operating in such industries as trade, services, construction, media, energy, automotive, IT, pharmaceuticals and foods.

Representing clients in litigation Our lawyers appear in proceedings on behalf of the client, based on a power of attorney.
Criminal proceedings Criminal cases involve a number of procedures, some before the court and some outside of court, aimed at determining the facts and reaching a decision in a case where a crime may have been committed.
Fiscal criminal proceedings Fiscal criminal proceedings involve serious or minor offences against the financial interests of the state. The proceedings are conducted by fiscal law enforcement authorities, primarily tax offices.
Division of assets Assets may be divided in two ways: by agreement or by court order.
Dissolution of joint ownership Any co-owner of property may seek to dissolve the joint ownership. This may be done by agreement or through a court order.
Polish and international commercial contracts In our commercial contract services, we draft contracts securing the interests of the client and assuring compliance with applicable regulations.
Social insurance and employment law Employment law includes the Labour Code and other statutes and executive regulations defining the rights and obligations of employers and employees, as well as matters governed by collective labour arrangements and workplace regulations.
Comprehensive legal analysis Comprehensive legal analyses are conducted for the purpose of carrying out ventures, projects, or development of enterprises.
Advice on commercialization and privatization In Poland, commercialization is a process in which a state enterprise is converted into a commercial company, as a prelude to privatization.
Listing companies on the capital market Joint-stock companies obtain access to the capital market by issuing and listing debt and equity securities.
Corporate reorganizations Corporate forms may undergo reorganization when a limited-liability company (sp. z o.o.) is converted into a joint-stock company (S.A.), or vice versa, when a new company is spun off from one or more existing companies, or when two or more companies are joined to form one company.
Regulation of the legal status of real estate Proceedings to regulate the legal status of real estate most often are aimed at establishing a land and mortgage register for the property at the district court.
Concession and permit proceedings In Poland, before performing certain types of business it may be necessary for the entity to obtain a concession or permit, issued by the competent state authorities.
Public procurement proceedings One of the law firm’s areas of specialization is public tenders under mandatory or optional procedures.
Prospectuses (legal audit) Continuing the firm’s long practice in this area, we prepare legal audits for clients in such industries as energy, construction and agro-food, including the legal sections of prospectuses.
Mergers and acquisitions Under the Commercial Companies Code , companies may undergo numerous procedures such as conversion, division and merger.
Legal audit for privatization Privatization is a process in which assets held by the State Treasury are turned over to private hands.
Real estate transactions and development The law firm advises clients on the full range of matters related to real estate.
Incorporation of individual businesses When an individual operating a sole proprietorship decides to incorporate the business, there is a choice between forming a single-shareholder limited-liability company (sp. z o.o.) or a single-shareholder joint-stock company (S.A.)
Negotiations The purpose of negotiations is to reach agreement in situations where there are conflicting interests or a difference of opinion.
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